Leaving the hospital is good news, yet it can be difficult for patients to manage their own care at home. The task may be especially challenging for elderly patients who have complex medical issues. University of California Irvine Health (UCI) recently piloted a program to improve transitions of care for older patients. UCI’s focus on care coordination with remote home monitoring helped improve outcomes for participants. UCI shared its story at our recent annual user group event, Population Health University. “We wanted to make sure patients were getting the care that they needed,” said UCI’s Senior Project Manager of Health Reform Joan Hoppe, RD, CDE. Addressing needs of a growing elderly population UCI serves the people of Orange County, California, where the population is aging. In 2010, there were 360,000 seniors, and that number will double by 2030. One in […]


Re-imagining health care with Resolute Health

Resolute Health (New Braunfels, Tex., U.S.A.) opened its brand new hospital campus June 24. The 56-acre site reflects the future of health care, emphasizing population health management and overall wellness. Chief Information Officer, Roderick Bell II, shared Resolute’s vision at our recent annual user conference, Population Health University. With more than 20 years of healthcare IT experience supporting  four “greenfield” hospital projects, Bell is well qualified to re-imagine the possibilities for healthcare technology. 7 visionary features on Resolute’s wellness campus “Resolute Health is the innovation lab for Tenet Healthcare,” said Bell. “All the new technology, all the new workflows…everything new goes through Resolute Health first before we push it out to the rest of the 77 hospitals across the system.” Resolute’s innovative approach is evident in the way it uses technology and the types of services available onsite. Here are […]

It’s a simple concept: patients who are engaged in their own health care are more likely to experience positive outcomes. But how do we engage them? That’s the million-dollar question. At our recent user conference, Population Health University, three clients shared patient engagement experiences, tactics they use to drive registration and participation, and how their approaches result in better care. Here are highlights from those presentations: Baylor Scott & White: Achieved initial 10% adoption rate with phased “go-live” Baylor Scott & White, one of the largest health systems in Texas, went live with FollowMyHealth™ this year in both its ambulatory and acute facilities. According to its clinical coordinator of information technology, Paul Bassel, MD, the organization believes there is even more opportunity to engage patients through its ambulatory arm, Health Texas. “Here the value proposition is much greater, given the […]

Allscripts Population Health Management clients recently gathered in Pittsburgh for our annual user conference, Population Health University (PHU), where they spent time learning, sharing and connecting. About 300 attendees networked and attended educational presentations over the course of three days, hearing how their peers are executing strategies to improve the health of individuals and populations, while better managing costs and improving operational performance. The innovations and successes shared were nothing less than remarkable. Holston Medical Group (HMG), for example, is using analytics to drive culture change among providers and achieve success with accountable care. HMG identifies high-risk patients and realigns care delivery priorities so providers see these individuals more frequently for better outcomes. In 18 months, HMG realized a double-digit reduction in hospital readmission rates among a select group of patients—even among those with complex chronic conditions. Plus, it added […]