Will you be joining us in Las Vegas, Nev., U.S.A. for HIMSS 2016? Whether you’re a client, a partner or simply interested in learning more about what Allscripts has to offer, be sure to stop by the Allscripts Booth at HIMSS 2016 (Booth #2612).You’ll have the opportunity to hear from Allscripts thought leaders, meet with clients and see live demonstrations of our solutions. Here’s a sample what you can expect to find from Allscripts at the booth: 1.The Power to Innovate: Learn more about the latest innovations in health care, such as precision medicine, best practices for usability and advice from industry-leading clients. At the Allscripts booth, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Joel Diamond, chief medical officer of Allscripts Precision Medicine, twice on the topic of how genomics and precision medicine enable providers to deliver tailored treatment […]


Top 5 Headlines from HIMSS 2013

  • Stephanie Kowalski
  • 03/07/2013

  We always share news from the HIMSS annual conference, but this year was one for big announcements. Here’s what we did at the show to further our vision of a Connected Community of HealthTM: 1. Grew the Allscripts family with two strategic acquisitions Welcome to the family, dbMotion and Jardogs.  These two leading healthcare technology companies will help provide solutions that enable our clients to address some of their biggest challenges: population health management, interoperability and consumer engagement. Reaction to these acquisitions from investors, clients and media has been overwhelmingly positive. One analyst remarked that acquiring two familiar assets will help Allscripts, with dbMotion’s installed base in particular already executing on our connected community strategy. 2. Co-Founded an industry partnership We’re a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, a not-for-profit that supports universal access to healthcare data. It’s an association […]


Four Steps to Physician Revenue Cycle Transformation

Amid all the talk of Stage 2 Meaningful Use, Value-Based Care and ACOs at the HIMSS conference in Las Vegas last week, it was easy to overlook the dominance of the longest lasting trend of all in healthcare IT. Revenue cycle management doesn’t generate as much buzz as health reform but it’s still priority No. 1 for hospitals and physician practices nationwide. It’s easy to see why. As the latest Obama Administration budget indicates, reimbursement from payers including Medicare and Medicaid continues to decline. As a result, self-pay is on the rise, even as it is becoming harder to collect payment from patients, many of whom are struggling just to hold onto health coverage for their families. In this environment, effective revenue cycle management has become more important than ever. For help, many leading medical groups are turning to a […]


Stage Two: Let the Debate Begin!

Many of us who are close to healthcare IT regulation will soon be heads-down reviewing, analyzing and generally mulling over the Proposed Rule on Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use program, now that CMS is set to release it.  On top of late nights and a headache or two, there is one other thing we’re bracing for: the Great Debate as to whether CMS – with significant input from others – did a good job or missed the mark.  No matter what is in the Rule, some will argue that the proposed measures are too difficult, while others will insist CMS didn’t go far enough.  It’s clear we can expect significant back-and-forth on the appropriate balance of the Rule’s many elements – the thresholds, the quality measures, the requirements for data connectivity, privacy elements, and how best to measure patient engagement in […]

Turn on the news these days and you’ll get an earful of what’s wrong with our healthcare system. High costs … low quality vs. other industrialized nations … medication errors that kill. But as you know, the media doesn’t always get it right. It Takes a Community offers an alternative to traditional media coverage of healthcare. The mission of this new blog is to educate by exposing what’s working in healthcare and how providers get to the goal line. You’ll hear from some of the world’s best physicians, nurses, CIOs and healthcare administrators. In their own words (and pictures), they’ll share some of the most remarkable stories to be found anywhere in healthcare today. You’ll also hear from experts within Allscripts. Our editorial team includes our Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Information Officer, and subject matter experts from every corner […]