Mobile EHR gets nod from Intel

When you develop a new product, you can’t help but think it’s great. It’s especially wonderful when someone else agrees and gives you an award for it. Allscripts received an Intel Innovation Award for the development of Allscripts Wand™, powered by Windows. It’s one of the first comprehensive mobile electronic health records (EHR) developed on the Windows 8.1 platform. Open: It’s all about choices I’ve often talked about the value of Open, and how important it is to connect clinical and financial data across every setting: from the provider to the hospital to post-acute settings and even the patient’s home. An Open approach helps enable the mobile tools needed in an increasingly mobile world. It’s all about choosing the right tool for the right clinician to enable the right care at the right time. To make that happen, the healthcare […]


How St. Luke’s used Wand to speed EHR rollout

St. Luke’s Physician Group (Bethlehem, PA) should be proud. It recently introduced a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to 80 primary care providers, and 78 of them were able to attest to Meaningful Use. Most impressively, they achieved it in less than six months. One of the keys to accomplishing this feat so quickly was rolling out the EHR along with Allscripts WandTM, according to St. Luke’s vice president of physician services, Linda Gately. Wand is an iPad app that enables clinicians to perform many tasks, such as taking vitals, reviewing appointments or checking test results. “When we first saw Wand at ACE [Allscripts Client Experience], we loved it,” said Linda. “We thought it would be great if nurses could use tablets instead of clunky laptops and carts. We actually held our EHR go-live until we could also roll […]

2012 was an awesome year. We released 3 versions of Allscripts Wand™ application for the iPad®. Wand 1.1 turns Wand from a roaming nurse product into a physician one (Clinical Documentation, Orders & Charge). More than 500,000 patients have been touched by a healthcare provider using Wand. Not bad for a product that’s just over 6 months old. Let’s look at Wand as an example application – we used our open API (Application Programming Interface) to build Wand. Yes, we eat our own dog food. Every screen, every field – everything you can see on an iPad – is available in our open API. (an API is like a command language – Sit, Stay, Roll Over… fetch the Doc’s schedule) In 2012 we built Wand and the open API that made that magic all happen. And a few of our partners also delivered […]