HIT Leader Q&A: Lessons learned from systems and Starbucks

  • Fatima Paruk, M.D., MPH
  • 06/21/2016

Editor’s Note: Health Data Management recently named the 2016 Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT, including Allscripts Analytics Chief Medical Officer Fatima Paruk. This post is one in a series that features insights from some of these women leaders, including Kara Marx , Kate Pavlovich and Dr. Carol Steltenkamp. When great minds come together, great things happen. At the Most Powerful Women in Healthcare IT conference, leaders from across the industry addressed some of today’s most pressing issues. Kate Pavlovich, director of strategy and data analytics at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (New York City, New York, U.S.A.), participated and shared insights in a follow-up interview, including what she learned from working at a hectic espresso bar. Here are highlights from that conversation: Describe your current role and the path you took to get there. I’m focused on data governance, which sits in the office of strategy, […]