One of the things I love most about working with partners is seeing their dedicated work to solve specific problems for our clients, using integration tools and expertise available in the Allscripts Developer Program.  They make it look simple and seamless, even though their “overnight success” may have been years and years in the making.

Our App of the Month, from eDoc4U, is an example of a company laser-focused on solving problems and creating innovative new software.  Last year, it was one of the five finalists of the Open App Challenge, chosen by a panel of clients, industry experts and Allscripts representatives as an application that could potentially revolutionize health care.

Since then eDoc4U received a patent on its NCQA-certified population health management technology and worked with Allscripts clients and developers to refine its integration, making it as streamlined and robust as possible for the end user.  It’s a great example of an innovative, cloud-based tool that has the power to help keep people healthy.

How eDoc4U works

Here’s how it works: This SaaS solution starts out with a risk assessment – quick, but thorough. The questions are written at a sixth-grade reading level, and most patients can complete it in 15 minutes.

Because it is integrated with Allscripts EHR, eDoc4U helps combine self-reported questionnaire data with hundreds of data points in the patient’s medical record.  eDoc4U gives both the patient and their provider an extensive health risk breakdown across numerous costly diseases.

It also compares the patient’s medical record with evidence-based medical practices and identifies ways to close gaps in care.  The complete list of recommendations is immediately available in Allscripts EHR, and viewing this information fits within the normal workflows of a provider. Via the Internet, patients can also access a dashboard, ranging from disease risks to personalized education programs.

In addition to providing better care, eDoc4U opens up financial opportunities.  Further, eDoc4U helps measure the practice’s compliance to qualify for value-based incentive payments.

Addressing population health management

From preventive care to patient engagement to value-based care measures, eDoc4U addresses all of these aspects of population health management strategies to control ever-increasing healthcare costs.  The eDoc4U solution can help reduce expenses by focusing on the health of the population, instead of solely treating those that have an illness.

To learn more about eDoc4U and population health management within Allscripts, tune in to the Allscripts “App of the Month Webinar” on Thursday, July 31 at 1 p.m. Eastern time.  Click here to register.

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About the author

Tina is the Director of the Allscripts Developer Program at Allscripts. Tina is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Allscripts Developer Program, ensuring information, documentation and support is available for developers through online tools like the Allscripts’ Developer Portal (, and marketing the applications and integration built by developers directly to our client base through the Allscripts Application Store ( Prior to her role in developer relations, she served as Associate General Counsel for Allscripts, with responsibilities for third-party contracting and partner management, client contracts, privacy and security issues and labor and employment matters.


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