Would you have smoke detectors in your home if they cost $4,000 each and you could only put them in one room? If smoke detectors were that costly and limited, fewer people would invest in this important detection measure. Luckily they are small, inexpensive and we can put one in every room to alert us to potentially catastrophic fires. Spaulding Clinical believes that detecting danger in our hearts should also be affordable and accessible. And that it can alert the care team in real-time.  That’s why it developed Spaulding Electrocardiograph and webECGTM Cardiovascular Management Cloud, one of this year’s Open App Challenge Phase 1 award recipients. ECGs anywhere, anytime An electrocardiogram (ECG) monitors a person’s heart rate and rhythm. It’s a relatively simple test, but it’s an expensive machine most often located in hospitals. Enough barriers to dissuade some patients […]