Reducing Blood Transfusion Risk and Costs with Advanced CDS

  • Steven Shaha, Ph.D., DBA
  • 03/20/2012

  Healthcare isn’t broken, as some would have you believe.  In fact, healthcare has never been in better health than when clinical decision support (CDS) helps expert providers do the best thing, consistently.  Everyone wins – providers, patients and the healthcare organizations in which they co-operate.  Rather than criticize, perhaps we should promote more powerfully enabled models for helping. Here’s a great example. Few outside the inner circle of blood banks and surgeons know that the costs and risks associated with everyday blood transfusions are significant.  A recent study in the journal Transfusions pegged the cost at between $522 and $1,183 per unit of blood.  And despite the routine nature of transfusions, the procedure carries sobering and serious clinical risks.  According to The Strategic Healthcare Group, the leading causes of transfusion-related morbidity and mortality are unrelated to viral transmission and include bacterial […]