Global Healthcare Megatrends: Technical landscape

  • Toby C. Samo, MD, FACP
  • 05/15/2014

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet today. Our growing global population has triggered some of the biggest healthcare challenges we’ll ever face. Listening to clients in Australia, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States, I believe many of these issues are universal. This is the fourth post in a five-part series that explores the clinical, population health, financial, regulatory and technical challenges we share as a global healthcare community. Once they move from paper to electronic, healthcare organizations aren’t looking back. Both providers and patients are embracing technology as never before: Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption steadily rising. A recent whitepaper estimates continued improvements around the world. It estimates Australia to be among the leaders at a 78% adoption rate, while the United States has the highest projected growth rate to 62%. Patients are more receptive […]