Healthcare technology must meet specific and complex needs to meet the requirements of surgical care. To provide a safe, high-quality perioperative experience – for its patients, surgeons and clinicians – Springhill Medical Center (Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.) turned to Allscripts Sunrise Surgical Care™. We recently interviewed Springhill Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive Paul Read to get his thoughts on the solution one year after implementing. What challenges did you experience before implementing Sunrise Surgical Care? Before implementing Sunrise, we were using another vendor’s system. The biggest issue for us was duplication of workflow between the surgical system and our Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record (EHR). The intraoperative portion of the documentation between systems did not live within Sunrise, which made it difficult for clinicians to access information real-time. Describe your implementation experience with the solution. We went live in August […]

A healthy 40-year-old recently had a knee arthroscopy.  Throughout the process, clinicians asked him the same questions time and again.  His clinicians didn’t seem to have access to his important medical information. Before the arthroscopy, caregivers ordered an ECG and blood work, which required the patient to take an additional day off work.  When he asked if the tests were necessary for someone so healthy, they responded, “this is what we always do for these procedures.” No matter if he really needed the tests. It shouldn’t be this way. Patients and caregivers should have information at the point of care to conduct the right tests – and only the right tests – before surgery. One of our Open App Challenge Phase 1 recipients, ePREOP, addresses this goal and promotes best practices in surgical care. Keeping surgeries on schedule with the […]