PinnacleHealth Medical Group was ready to leave “the paper chase.” The medical group, home to 100 providers and 23 clinical locations, recognized it was time for an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to help improve patient care. Thanks to the power of speech, PinnacleHealth Medical Group caregivers can make even better use of the new EHR. A point-and-click environment gives some information, but it doesn’t tell the full story, according to Joseph Cincotta, MD and Medical Director for PinnacleHealth Medical Group.  Physicians needed a better way to record their thoughts about what’s happening with the patient now, and plans for the future. The medical group also wanted to make it as easy as possible for physicians to adopt the new EHR. “We had an immediate need to facilitate EHR adoption with several of our older and less computer savvy physicians,” said […]

Note: Views expressed by Guest Bloggers do not necessarily reflect the views of “It Takes a Community” or Allscripts. While Meaningful Use-certified Electronic Health Records have become the de-facto standard and a must-have technology for most hospitals and increasingly clinics and physician practices, physician adoption of EHRs has been lagging – for well-understood reasons. Physicians have a strong need and desire to maximize their time with patients. Yet, technology is competing more and more for their time, and creating structured clinical documentation using EHR templates may actually negatively impact physician productivity in a point-and-click environment. Despite the availability of significant amounts of federal stimulus dollars to Meaningful Use-compliant institutions, most physicians perceive this to be less critical to widespread EHR adoption than access to tools that simplify, speed-up and improve the quality of clinical documentation within their EHR. An essential […]