What programmers think of Open

I could go on and on about the value of Open. I firmly believe that an Open approach is the only way healthcare IT companies can collaborate, innovate and advance health care. But what does it mean to third-party developers? Do they believe in Open as much as I do? I sat down recently with programmers from Shareable Ink, New York Presbyterian, eDoc4u and others. Part of a Unity training class, these folks are very proficient at using Allscripts Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We also talked about the value of Open. I asked, “How important is Open to you on a scale of 1 to 10?” Consensus answer: 11. The most valuable aspect of Open platforms The developer partners we work with have creative solutions – such as Shareable Ink’s special pen or eDoc4u’s risk assessment or a clinical decision […]

You tell me, which instruction is easier to understand? 1. Dissect the perforated 5 cm incision (ref. Slot B) on the host structure with the 4.8 cm x 6 cm freestanding flap (ref. Tab A). Adhere the flap to the anterior side of the host structure with a parallel application of a non-toxic adhesion strip. 2. Insert Tab A into Slot B. Secure with tape. For most people, number 2 contains all the info we need. But for a structural engineer, number 1 is more in line with the language of the trade, and includes additional details that could make the difference between the success and failure. The same is true in health care. Physicians need rich, clinical data when making decisions about patient care. But, you can’t expect patients to translate their symptoms into technical medical speak. That’s where […]

By: Suzanne Cogan, VP, Sales and Marketing Shareable Ink “As I had hoped, with a little innovative, outside-the-box thinking, we succeeded in getting technology to work for us without changing our practice to suit the technology.” That’s my favorite line from a recent article in Healthcare Management Technology (HMT) by Shelia Tonn-Knopf, executive director of The Center for Orthopedics in Cleveland, OH. She’s talking about the flexibility of the Shareable Ink solution to enable their patients and healthcare providers to easily complete existing forms with no change in workflow, then have the data automatically processed and mapped to the appropriate fields in the EHR system. Without changing the check-in process, The Center for Orthopedics is able to capture Meaningful Use (MU) data right away without the need for additional data entry resources and without burdening the physicians. Open door for innovation […]