4 ways to reclaim the claims process

In an era when the healthcare community is working to improve quality of service and delivery and to reduce costs, the reimbursement process is under intense scrutiny. Organizations are asking themselves: How can we simplify the claims process? Are there ways to save time? What can we do to make our claims more accurate to help speed payments? In a series of recent case studies, three clients have shared their experiences using Allscripts Payerpath® Solutions to reclaim their claims processes. Here are four examples: 1) Collect more patient payments Patient payments are the fastest growing portion of many providers’ revenue streams. Unfortunately, according to the American Hospital Association, as much as 5.3% of expenses are written off each year as uncompensated care, representing $42.8 billion in losses. One of the ways Burton Creek Rural Clinic (West Plains, Missouri, U.S.A.) is […]


Life after ICD-10 at Great Lakes Eye Care

Like most of the healthcare industry, Allscripts spent years preparing for the ICD-10 transition, which occurred on Oct. 1, 2015. Our Allscripts Payerpath® team monitored our systems and claims closely, and as anticipated, we did not see any issues related to ICD-10 in the days after the transition. Our operations consultants reached out to Payerpath clients, including Shari Payne, CPC, Administrator for Great Lakes Eye Care (St. Joseph, Michigan, U.S.A.). On October 2, Payne responded with an email so enthusiastic, we just had to share: We had ZERO errors today. We had a full house of patients, we did not decrease the schedule at all, and did not have ONE SINGLE ERROR. WAY beyond my biggest hopes!…Thank you so much for including us in your end-to-end user training…..what a benefit to us. We are all dancing the dance of joy today! […]

Payers and providers have a complex relationship. Stereotypes suggest payers want to cut expenses, while providers want quality care (regardless of cost). Conventional wisdom says these parties have treated each other with suspicion in the past. But the U.S. healthcare industry is in the midst of evolving to new outcomes-based payment models, and as a result the payer-provider relationship is evolving. As providers become more responsible for cost, payers are willing to offer information and expertise. Provider insights about practicing medicine can enrich payer data. Both sides share the goals to improve quality and reduce expense. There is a more collaborative approach among payers and providers in the U.S. healthcare industry today than ever before. I believe that trend will continue. How Allscripts helps strengthen these collaborations Allscripts can make these collaborations even stronger. Our solutions connect more patients with […]


Payerpath aces an ICD-10 test

Are you ready for October 1, 2014? As most U.S. healthcare providers know, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will only accept claims that use ICD-10 codes after that date. To make sure we’re all ready for this deadline, CMS and its Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) recently conducted National ICD-10 Testing Week. Because our Payerpath® solution submits claims to Medicare on behalf of our clients, we participated in the event. We had some great results. Of the 1,852 test claims we submitted, 99% passed ICD-10 related edits. And 100% of our 96 test files got a positive acknowledgement of receipt. This is a great sign that Allscripts Payerpath solution is ready to help clients transition to ICD-10. How the testing process worked Participating clients submitted a small number of test Medicare claims to Payerpath, which contained valid ICD-10 […]