In health care, usability of software is a patient safety issue. It’s why Allscripts employs User-Centered Design (UCD) principles to gather clinician feedback on our solutions throughout the development process. A great example of this process at work is the recent adaptation of Allscripts Homecare™ to a mobile application. Home health nurses are a specialized group, often traveling to patients’ homes to provide care. Despite the mobile nature of their work, there were not many mobile applications on the market when we started this effort. Our objective was to streamline their workflow and develop a version of Homecare that nurses could use on a tablet, instead of a laptop. What we learned from “ride-alongs” with home health and hospice nurses We started the project with ethnographic research, which means we rode along with more than a dozen nurses in the […]

When a transporter at Camden Clark Medical Center (Parkersburg, West Virginia, U.S.A.) first saw the new Allscripts Patient FlowTM mobile application, he said, “Where have you been all my life?” Reactions like these tell us we’re on the right track in designing solutions that save precious time for hospital staff. Camden Clark agreed to be an early adopter for the new and improved Patient Flow 15.1, and has been previewing the application since January. I recently talked with Camden Clark Clinical Analyst Deanna Boothe, RN, MSN, who shared her experience and what she likes best about the new version. Here are highlights from our conversation: Q. Why did you agree to become an early adopter for the new version of Patient Flow? A. We were due for an upgrade of our Patient Flow software. At Allscripts Client Experience (ACE) in […]


Global Healthcare Megatrends: Technical landscape

  • Toby C. Samo, MD, FACP
  • 05/15/2014

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet today. Our growing global population has triggered some of the biggest healthcare challenges we’ll ever face. Listening to clients in Australia, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States, I believe many of these issues are universal. This is the fourth post in a five-part series that explores the clinical, population health, financial, regulatory and technical challenges we share as a global healthcare community. Once they move from paper to electronic, healthcare organizations aren’t looking back. Both providers and patients are embracing technology as never before: Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption steadily rising. A recent whitepaper estimates continued improvements around the world. It estimates Australia to be among the leaders at a 78% adoption rate, while the United States has the highest projected growth rate to 62%. Patients are more receptive […]

On Wednesday we officially opened our annual client conference, ACE 13. There are about 3,000 Allscripts clients gathered in Chicago to exchange best practices through more than 400 educational sessions, user group meetings and special events. It’s my first ACE, and it’s off to a great start. People are excited to connect, collaborate and share ideas. In the opening session, I talked about what Allscripts and our clients are doing to lead the transformation in healthcare IT. Client insights have helped create our vision. Sharing our roadmap for the healthcare IT journey I’ve been talking with hundreds of clients in my first eight months as CEO. These conversations are shaping our path to better health care for all. Attesting to Meaningful Use – For many of us, the journey began with government incentives, such as ARRA and Meaningful Use. Looking […]


What’s wrong with “mobility” today

People often ask me about Allscripts mobility strategy. It’s tempting to talk about our iPad, iPhone, Droid and Blackberry products. I think we’ve set the bar in that class of applications, considering some of our competitors are satisfied with remote desktops. Unfortunately when most people talk about “mobility,” they’re just focusing on mobile devices. And that is far too limited a view. The hazards of taking a narrow view of mobility Recently I spent a day as a patient. I was in a room with a mobile desktop, also called computer on wheels (COW). The nurse arrived to take my vitals. And what high-tech instrument did she use to record the vitals? A notepad. The vitals capture device was not integrated in to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) (not Allscripts), nor did the nurse use the COW. She wrote it […]


Open Reveals its True Value

For years, we’ve talked about the value of Open as an approach. A culture. A capability. It’s all very abstract. So how do we know it’s working? Judging by the response to Allscripts Open App Challenge — Open is working. Developers are on a mission to improve healthcare. Innovators are solving problems in different areas, such as: Clinical insights, creating clinical alerts Data mining, data analysis Patient connections – not just portals, but helping to build an even closer relationship between physician and patient And of course connecting patient home devices to the physicians clinical systems We’ll introduce Phase 1 award recipients, selected by our esteemed panel of judges, at HIMSS 2013. These are crisp examples of the power of Open. Sharing our Application Programming Interface (API) with others has sparked creative solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems. That’s […]