I read a recent report from The Advisory Board, called Three Key Elements for Successful Population Health Management. It focused on information-powered clinical decision-making; primary care-led clinical workforce; and patient engagement and community integration. The Advisory Board briefing suggests that healthcare organizations must prioritize these things to succeed. This is great news for our clients, because our solution strategies at Allscripts align well with these elements: 1. Information-powered clinical decision-making We must integrate systems to talk with one another across the healthcare continuum. It’s essential to deliver actionable insights and clinical decision support at the point of care.  However, it’s critical to have access to information that lies beyond the four walls where the patient happens to be receiving care. We’re applying our clinical analytics assets to community-level data, in addition to just information from a single care setting. Our […]

Our clients are focused on better Care Coordination, making sure clinicians are in sync as patients receive care from various providers.  It’s a complex issue for the entire continuum of care to solve. As with any major transition, clients will need different healthcare technology as they evolve. We need to support clients with Care Coordination solutions as they move  from a primarily fee-for-service payment system to a model focused on fee -for-value, with an emphasis on managing patients overall health over time. Early movers to this new model have a need for improved workflow solutions that integrate basic continuity of care planning with Electronic Health Records (EHRs).  However, the market will eventually require more advanced population health management capabilities, such as risk modelling/stratification, prediction analytics, gap in care alerting and integrated tasking capabilities across the community of care. Clients are […]


Top 5 Headlines from HIMSS 2013

  • Stephanie Kowalski
  • 03/07/2013

  We always share news from the HIMSS annual conference, but this year was one for big announcements. Here’s what we did at the show to further our vision of a Connected Community of HealthTM: 1. Grew the Allscripts family with two strategic acquisitions Welcome to the family, dbMotion and Jardogs.  These two leading healthcare technology companies will help provide solutions that enable our clients to address some of their biggest challenges: population health management, interoperability and consumer engagement. Reaction to these acquisitions from investors, clients and media has been overwhelmingly positive. One analyst remarked that acquiring two familiar assets will help Allscripts, with dbMotion’s installed base in particular already executing on our connected community strategy. 2. Co-Founded an industry partnership We’re a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, a not-for-profit that supports universal access to healthcare data. It’s an association […]