Interactive voice response (IVR) technology is all around us. People are asking “Siri” to update calendars, provide directions and find a good pizza place. But, we’ve just scratched the surface on what IVR can do. VAL9000 takes IVR into patient medical records and is one of the Phase 1 recipients in our Open App Challenge. Doctors can use it to interact verbally with the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Reducing click, swipe, type Instead of entering or retrieving data in the EHR by clicking, swiping or typing, clinicians simply speak to the EHR. For example, a nurse might report that Stanley’s blood pressure today is 120/70. VAL9000 captures the information and automatically knows where to save it in the EHR. A clinician can also retrieve patient information from the system by simply asking questions, “What’s Stanley’s blood pressure today?” This is […]