Since we launched the Allscripts Wand™ application for the iPad® in April, response has been tremendous. Nearly 7,000 clients have used Wand to enable support staff to enter patient data into the Allscripts EHR from the iPad. Then, physicians told us loud and clear they need a few more features. We listened. Working closely with hundreds of physicians, we developed a new version of the app – Allscripts Wand v1.1. We build Wand from the ground up to address client preferences on how they want to interact with technology. With Wand, providers can easily move between their desktops and iPads in the way that works best for them for safe and efficient patient consultations and management. Physicians told us a flexible user interface is key. With the iPads, doctors can enter data by touch, by speaking or a combination of […]

Usability is the key to getting physicians to adopt voice recognition technology with an EHR.  That’s the conclusion of Mary Griskewicz of HIMSS, according to a story in today’s USA Today. The newspaper noted that the University of California-Irvine Medical Center, among others, is testing the technology for use with their inpatient (Sunrise) EHR, initially on desktop and later on iPad.  Meanwhile, many physician practices are already using voice recognition for dictation and to accomplish everyday tasks like prescribing medications. Stanley Crane, Allscripts Chief Innovation Officer, calls the confluence of iPad and voice recognition “a marriage made in heaven.” Voice recognition not only is an easy way to get information into the EHR but it lets doctors take more complete notes for themselves and for the next doctor who picks up the case. Crane, who was interviewed by USA Today for technical background […]

Today’s features the latest guest column by Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman: “Face Time MD: How Consumer Tech Can Deliver Care That’s Better, Faster, Cheaper.”  Glen looks into the future by describing existing innovations that are already making a difference.  Like live consults with your physician on the iPhone . . . using Xbox Kinect to monitor compliance with physical therapy . . . and devices that let heart patients, diabetic patients and their doctors monitor vitals in real-time, all linked to the Electronic Health Record.   “Now, with a bit of innovation, and an open approach to both how we care for patients and the systems we use, we can put them together and create the future—a better future not just for health care but for health, which is what we really want anyway,” Glen writes. Speaking of which, if you missed last week’s announcement you […]


Starting Over: An Innovator’s Dream

I’ve been in software for more than three decades, and I know from personal experience that you only get to truly start over about every 10 years. The rest of the time you have to start with the current product.  Think about the transition from DOS to Windows or from MacOS to OSX – those new UI breakthroughs and new ways of talking to the computer happen rarely. Great products (and great breakthroughs) happen when companies don’t just “convert” to a new platform, but instead they reconsider, “What is the user trying to do? How can we help them do it easier?” We’re in the midst of the next grand transition – to keyboard-free tablets like iPad. This transition gave us the chance to start over, and you can see the results in Allscripts Wand™, a new, intuitive iPad application […]