When a hosted solution is the better option

You have a passion for health care and helping others. But when you’d rather focus on your practice, sometimes you’re stuck spending time on security protocols, data recovery and server upgrades. And it’s getting even more expensive and time-consuming in today’s complex healthcare environment. Stephanie Bodi, Practice Manager at Huntington Urology (NY), found a better way. In 2009 her practice moved IT infrastructure management off-site to Allscripts Hosting Solution. A hosted solution was right for Huntington Urology for several reasons, including: Patients come first. The practice stays focused on patient care. Information Technology is a core competency at Allscripts; it doesn’t have to be yours. Time to cut costs. Good financial decisions are essential to the overall health of the practice. By using a hosted IT solution, Huntington doesn’t buy or update hardware, or maintain a server room with cooling […]