What’s wrong with “mobility” today

People often ask me about Allscripts mobility strategy. It’s tempting to talk about our iPad, iPhone, Droid and Blackberry products. I think we’ve set the bar in that class of applications, considering some of our competitors are satisfied with remote desktops. Unfortunately when most people talk about “mobility,” they’re just focusing on mobile devices. And that is far too limited a view. The hazards of taking a narrow view of mobility Recently I spent a day as a patient. I was in a room with a mobile desktop, also called computer on wheels (COW). The nurse arrived to take my vitals. And what high-tech instrument did she use to record the vitals? A notepad. The vitals capture device was not integrated in to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) (not Allscripts), nor did the nurse use the COW. She wrote it […]