Allscripts celebrates Nurses Week by sharing wisdom from nursing leaders.

  Nurses are on the front lines of all aspects of health care. Their many responsibilities include adopting and making the most of new technologies and electronic systems. To help honor the profession during Nurses Week (May 6 – 12), we interviewed nursing leaders around the world. Here are some of the highlights of what they shared on this subject:   What healthcare IT improvement(s) would be most helpful to nurses? Or how can IT help nurses?   “Machine device interfacing to online records and documentations would be most helpful to nurses as this would truly provide the much touted seamless transition of patient data from point to point and free the nurses to focus on patient education and bedside care. “Not only that, with the creation of a single source of medical records which is accessible by all healthcare […]


The Power of Open

Imagine if a car company said “To control quality, we are going to make every part of the car. We’re going to make our own batteries, mine our own steel, build our own radios…” The cost of that car would skyrocket. Quality and innovation would suffer. Continuing with that analogy, Allscripts makes the car (EHR) and will help you customize it in ways that are important to you. If you want a ski rack, we have partners whose racks are safe and fit your roof. If you want a satellite radio, we DO NOT say, “You have to wait until WE invent it ourselves.” With our Open approach, we partner with experts to get the best satellite radios in the hands of our clients faster. Open enables innovation. Allscripts Development Partners have used our programmers’ toolkit to connect their great […]