ACE12 Kicks Off with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

  • Todd Stein
  • 08/15/2012

ACE12, our annual Allscripts users’ conference, kicked off this morning with over 4,000 attendees at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman headlined the opening address.  To see for yourself, watch the full ACE 2012 Opening Address online. (If you have trouble getting the video to run, please reload the page. We wanted to save you the trouble of entering your information to access the replay). For those of you who’d rather not sit through the video, we’ve pulled together the highlights here … Mayor Rahm Emanuel started things off with an introduction to Chicago for ACE attendees.  The former White House Chief of Staff reviewed the success Chicago has had creating jobs – more than in any major U.S. city, he said – and investing $7.3 billion in critical infrastructure. And he outlined the city’s […]

Today’s Forbes.com features the latest guest column by Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman: “Face Time MD: How Consumer Tech Can Deliver Care That’s Better, Faster, Cheaper.”  Glen looks into the future by describing existing innovations that are already making a difference.  Like live consults with your physician on the iPhone . . . using Xbox Kinect to monitor compliance with physical therapy . . . and devices that let heart patients, diabetic patients and their doctors monitor vitals in real-time, all linked to the Electronic Health Record.   “Now, with a bit of innovation, and an open approach to both how we care for patients and the systems we use, we can put them together and create the future—a better future not just for health care but for health, which is what we really want anyway,” Glen writes. Speaking of which, if you missed last week’s announcement you […]