Patients Take Center Stage

EDITOR’S NOTE: HIMSS recently invited members of the health IT blog community to share their responses to the question, “How will health IT make a difference a year from now at the next National Health IT Week?”  (HIMSS will launch its inaugural #NHITWeek Blog Carnival Sept. 10 in support the seventh annual National Health IT Week). We asked Rich Elmore, former ONC Query Health coordinator, now Allscripts Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, to do the honors.   When we look back one year from now, we’re going to find that the patient has truly taken center stage in our healthcare system, largely due to the impact of Health IT on the culture and practice of medicine.   You know there’s a massive culture shift underway when: Patients take pictures of their infections with their phone and send them via SMS to […]

Dr. Mostashari’s Last-Minute Interoperability Challenge Allscripts, by partnering with Albany Medical Center, MedAllies and NextGen, handily won an interoperability challenge issued by Dr. Farzad Mostashari, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, at HIMSS last week.  Read Dr. Doug Fridsma’s post on ONC’s Health IT Buzz blog describing the event.  Mostashari’s surprise challenge was this: Send a document via protocols established by the ONC Direct Project along a pathway that has never been used. In other words, prove that Direct (a public/private collaborative focused on developing a scalable, secure, standards-based means of sending authenticated health information via the Internet) is live and working in general, and is not just a set of hard-coded demonstration systems working together. Allscripts and its team not only completed the task successfully but did so with time to spare. Important to note: “This used the test systems of […]