Where’s the Beef in EHR Savings?

A recent NY Times article, In Second Look, Few Savings from Digital Health Records, focuses on a new RAND report.  It asks that age old question: Where’s the beef? In other words, when will we see financial benefits from our investment in health information technology? I think we’re all impatient.  It’s not just the economic gains we want; it’s the personal gains we look forward to as patients. But the real savings won’t come from individual healthcare organizations embracing healthcare technology – that’s a “get on board” cost before the organizations are connected to one another. True, electronic health records (EHRs) cut down on costs for things like transcription and medical records storage, and they can also help make sure that providers are appropriately billing. (Where do you find any other profession that doesn’t bill the full price for services because someone lost […]

A story I recently heard about a 4-year-old boy in Kentucky has reinvigorated my thinking about the need for a national clearinghouse of healthcare data. The model is already successful in the financial industry; we just need to implement it in healthcare to benefit patients. When you apply for a credit card, buy a house or take out a loan, the first thing your financial institution does is look at your credit report. It’s a check of your financial health to make sure it’s in your best interest – and the bank’s – to give you a line of credit. Your credit history is available because all financial institutions (with a few exceptions) send standardized data to credit reporting agencies. They cooperate because as an industry they know it benefits all lenders and consumers to make good decisions about credit […]

The energy just surged at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco with Allscripts announcement about our Open App Challenge. The program motivates developers and vendors to “Start a Revolution” with apps that tap into Allscripts Open EHR software and improve patient outcomes in a measurable way. The stakes are high with more than $750,000 in prizes. The overall winner takes home $250,000. I’m really excited about this challenge because the focus is on innovation that produces real solutions that can be integrated into providers’ workflows. We’re hoping to inspire developers to push the boundaries of what IT can do to improve quality of care for patients. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, caregiver or IT professional (inside or outside the industry), it’s time to get started on apps that address the two contest categories: management of high cost chronic diseases […]

    We recently interviewed Michael Dowling, President and Chief Executive Officer of North Shore-LIJ Health System.  Based in Great Neck, NY with facilities across the New York City region, North Shore-LIJ is the nation’s third largest non-profit secular healthcare system with 14 hospitals and 9,000 physicians. The health system is a winner of the National Quality Forum’s National Quality Healthcare Award. Dowling, a long-time advocate of healthcare information technology, was the 2011 HIMSS/Modern Healthcare CEO IT Leader of the Year.  Here are a few quick highlights from the interview.  To hear the entire podcast, please click on the link at the bottom of this post. What is the biggest challenge facing healthcare leaders today? “I think it’s the necessity to completely transform how we do business. The future is going to require a lot more accountability, both to the public and to the actual […]

Turn on the news these days and you’ll get an earful of what’s wrong with our healthcare system. High costs … low quality vs. other industrialized nations … medication errors that kill. But as you know, the media doesn’t always get it right. It Takes a Community offers an alternative to traditional media coverage of healthcare. The mission of this new blog is to educate by exposing what’s working in healthcare and how providers get to the goal line. You’ll hear from some of the world’s best physicians, nurses, CIOs and healthcare administrators. In their own words (and pictures), they’ll share some of the most remarkable stories to be found anywhere in healthcare today. You’ll also hear from experts within Allscripts. Our editorial team includes our Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Information Officer, and subject matter experts from every corner […]