CIN: A new and improved recipe for success

Over the past few decades, industry thought leaders have displayed a voracious appetite for new and improved ways to fix health care—and embraced an “alphabet soup” of  acronyms to describe them: HMO, IPA, PHO, VBC, ACO, PCMH, to name a few. And now they’re dishing up CINs: clinical integration networks (aka clinically integrated networks). The difference is that CINs build on what we’ve learned from predecessor models that were only partially successful and add elements that promise to help the industry achieve the goals of reform. 3 shortcomings characteristic of earlier models While well-intentioned, previous attempts to address the challenges facing health care met with only limited success for three primary reasons: 1) Incentives intended to motivate stakeholders were rarely aligned. Often, community-wide healthcare networks were driven by hospitals, looking to build loyalty among referring physicians. Local providers, however, were […]