Our clients have great stories. I love hearing about their outcomes and how they achieved them. Readers on this blog and on ClientConnect have called for more of these accounts, too. We recently shared several strong client stories at our annual client conference, ACE. We highlighted a few with the Allscripts Client Awards.  Blessing Hospital (Quincy, IL) won a 2013 Client Award for excellent financial outcomes. Click here for a video about Blessing Hospital’s outcome Ideas to simplify the hospital’s revenue cycle workflow In 2010 Blessing Hospital began a two-year effort to transform its revenue cycle. By more tightly integrating clinical and financial data, Blessing wanted to improve its ability to deliver quality care in the face of increasing regulation and decreasing reimbursements. A team shadowed staff and carefully documented ways in which Blessing could improve its financial processes. Blessing […]


Elmwood Health Center’s journey to connectivity

A lot can happen in four years. Just ask the team at Elmwood Health Center (EHC), a freestanding, community-based healthcare provider in Buffalo, New York. Four years ago EHC’s director of clinical services, Barb Johnson, said she could “only dream” about exchanging information in and out of their program. Thanks to efforts to improve connectivity, EHC enjoys better access to real-time data and more efficient workflow, and is providing overall better care to patients. In 2010 EHC implemented Allscripts Professional EHRTM. This step was the first in a journey to better interoperability, one that earned EHC the 2013 Allscripts Client Award for Outstanding Connectivity Outcomes.   Click here to watch a video about Elmwood Health Center’s connectivity efforts   Within one year of going live with Allscripts Professional EHR™, EHC achieved Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Level 3 Status. About the […]


8 examples of health IT excellence

I recently served on a panel of judges for Allscripts Client Awards. Reading about all the outcomes, I was inspired by how our clients use Allscripts solutions in a variety of ways to continually improve health care.  It’s proof that our partnership — along with our Open platform — helps clients to achieve excellence in health care. There were many solid applications, and I’m pleased to share eight great outcomes from our semi-finalists:   Baylor Health Care System (Dallas, TX) Improving patient safety in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and Better standardization and efficiency with e-Learning Patients at Baylor receive full attention when caregivers order, prepare, administer and monitor medication. But the smallest patients in the NICU with tiny custom dosages require additional diligence. Baylor used Allscripts Sunrise Acute CareTM to create 180 new NICU order items, standardize medications […]


5 trends in healthcare outcomes

At Allscripts, we have a team dedicated to outcomes. This team works closely with our clients to mark progress and share real, measurable results, many of which we share in our Client Outcomes Center. Outcomes are even more critical today as healthcare providers are under pressure to change the way they practice medicine. It affects every aspect from clinical to financial to operational. A couple of members of the outcomes team, Ellen Loch and Dean Gleason, also serve on our Client Awards Committee. They recently shared some insights about client outcomes, including these trends: 1.       Increasing focus on population health management More than ever before, caregivers are proactively managing the health of patient populations with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart failure and asthma. Insurance companies are also focusing on population and patient care analytics businesses. Clients are better able […]

Healthcare providers strive for excellence across many areas of their organizations. We all benefit when we celebrate and share our successes with each other. To that end, we’re inviting Allscripts clients to nominate their best results for an Outcomes Excellence Award or Community Stakeholder Excellence Award. Our large community of clients are celebrating achievements every day. Providers within this community are also always searching for proven best practices to achieve even more positive outcomes. The more we share with each other, the more we can improve healthcare overall. Through the Client Awards program, Allscripts encourages an OPEN discussion around excellence in the Allscripts community. This program will highlight our clients who are achieving world-class outcomes, which in turn will spread the knowledge of best practices across our client base, and aid in the advancement of the healthcare overall. It also […]