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    Safer medications, FHIR and more in the new issue of Continuum magazine

    June 9th, 2016

    Readers have responded with interest to our new magazine, Continuum. Created for healthcare professionals, it features industry insights and Allscripts client success stories.

    In the 2Q 2016 issue, you’ll find articles that address some of healthcare IT’s most pressing questions:

    How can we help deliver safer medications? Teams of clinicians at Atlantic General Hospital used Allscripts Sunrise™ to standardize and automate several processes, reducing medication errors by 86% over three years.2Q_Continuum_Magazine

    What is FHIR and what does it mean for me? Has FHIR “kindled” your interest? Learn about this emerging interoperability standard through most frequently asked questions.

    Which capabilities will lead to truly integrated care? Senior Vice President and General Manager of Population Health Martha Thorne describes population health technology and which capabilities will ultimately lead to success.

    What does it take to provide patient-centered care for people with autism spectrum disorders? By thinking about each aspect of care from patients’ perspectives, The Autism Center at Hospital for Special Care becomes the first outpatient clinic to earn Patient-Centered Specialty Practice designation.

    How are innovation communities advancing health care around the world? To help create healthier populations, Allscripts collaborates with innovation communities, such as the Center for Digital Innovation (Israel), Dalhousie University (Canada) and MATTER (U.S.A.).

    What can physician practices do to find relief from billing process headaches? Allscripts clients are successfully tackling the most common billing headaches and re-focusing their time and attention on what matters most – providing great patient care.

    To access an online version of Continuum, click here. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact



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    CIO perspective, analytics and more in the new issue of Continuum magazine

    February 19th, 2016

    2016 is an important year for the healthcare industry, as clinicians look to Health IT organizations to deliver the innovation and insights they need to provide smarter care. Interoperability, precision medicine, actionable data – these aren’t just buzz words, these are the key drivers that will shape health care.

    Created for healthcare professionals, our magazine, Continuum, features industry insights and Allscripts client success stories.

    In the 1Q 2016 issue, you’ll find:

    Executive Insight: Taking the Lead – President and Chief Financial Officer Rick Poulton discusses how Allscripts Open architecture will help providers manage population health.

    Untethered: CIO Bill Phillips and University Health System – How one client combines Allscripts solutions to achieve better clinical results, earn millions and improve operational efficiency.

    Get Smart: Allscripts Analytics dives into big data to improve outcomes – General Manager of Allscripts Analytics Marty McKenna discusses using data to battle chronic disease.

    Giving Back to the Community – How Dominion Medical Associates uses technology to offer a wide range of services to its patients in Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

    5 Ways to Challenge the Status Quo in Health Care by Faisal Mushtaq – It’s time to redefine some of the core assumptions to achieve long-term success in U.S. health care.

    How usercentered design can improve patient safety – Focusing on the user during software design can improve electronic health record (EHR) usability, adoption and overall patient safety.

    Improving patient care and satisfaction in Canada – How Regina Qu’Applle Health Region is using Allscripts Patient Flow™ to streamline bed management in Saskatchewan.

    I hope you enjoy.

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