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    Springhill Medical Center takes competitive lead with outsourced IT

    November 5th, 2013

    A good partnership can help a hospital excel on the road to value-based healthcare. Since 2000 we’ve managed IT services for Springhill Medical Center, a privately held, independent hospital in Mobile, AL. It is also one of the most advanced users of the Allscripts Sunrise platform.

    The hospital recently received an award for outsourcing excellence. Springhill’s CEO, Jeff St. Clair, shared his views on our outsourcing partnership in this video:

    Keeping pace with the speed of technology

    Prior to outsourcing, Springhill felt it was falling behind in technology when compared with nine other hospitals within a 50-mile radius. Springhill needed to replace or upgrade almost every system.

    Allscripts (Eclipsys at the time) began to manage IT services, including hardware and software support for our clinical systems, strategic planning, telecommunications and integration across several clinical and business applications. We brought in Mark Kilborn to serve as Chief Information Officer.

    Today, these services support 2,000 end users at 15 locations, with 100+ applications on more than 350 servers. Under Mark’s leadership, IT has flourished at Springhill.

    Springhill has won several awards for its technology advancements. One of the most valuable benefits is that the technology helps attract talented physicians and nurses.

    Multi-million dollar return on technology investments

    As a private hospital, Springhill approaches its mission to deliver great healthcare with an entrepreneurial spirit. The organization’s flexibility and commitment to invest in IT has helped it recognize financial benefits, too.

    For the past decade, Springhill reports its cost of IT services has been well below the national average for a hospital its size. Springhill estimates outsourcing costs 10-20% less than if it were to provide the IT services internally.

    And Springhill is realizing other benefits ahead of its competition in Mobile, too. In July 2011, it became the third hospital in the state (60th in the nation) to qualify for Phase 1 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). As a result, Springhill received a payment of $2 million in stimulus funding.

    Journey to IT excellence continues

    Healthcare IT is an ever-evolving field, so we’re constantly moving forward on the road to IT excellence. But we’re glad to hear feedback that shows we’re on the right path, like this:

    “Before Allscripts, IT was one of my biggest managerial headaches. Now it’s a huge feather in my cap.” Jeff St. Clair, CEO.

    Allscripts Managed IT Services have made a big difference at Springhill. To learn more, contact us.

    What benefits and opportunities you see with sourcing healthcare IT? Please share your insights in the comments below.

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