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    4 ways a pediatrics practice benefits from a hosted solution

    April 15th, 2014

    Virdee Medical (Hornell, NY, U.S.A), a busy private pediatric practice, left paper charts behind when it implemented a hosted Allscripts solution in 2010. After migrating to hosted Allscripts Professional EHR and Allscripts Practice Management in 2013, the practice improved performance in many ways, as shared in a recent case study.

    1)      No hassling with servers

    “We live in a physician community and saw the challenges many of our colleagues had with servers,” said Maninder Virdee, practice manager at Virdee Medical. “They constantly had to upgrade. We just did not want that responsibility.”

    2)      Helps meet regulatory requirements

    “In the first year of having the solution, we have attested for Meaningful Use Stage 1,” said Virdee. “The hosted solution played a big part in that, especially the security risk analysis. It was much simpler than if I would have had my own server.”

    3)      Secure access from anywhere

    “My husband and I travel to England, and we can still access this data,” said Virdee. “Even in the event of a disaster, we could make a temporary office anywhere with an Internet connection and continue to do business.”

    4)      More efficient billing process

    Before having Allscripts solutions, Virdee Medical had outsourced its billing. Virdee estimates that the practice saves 15% in staff time on billing alone, compared with when they used paper charts. “And we’ve improved our financial results by at least 20% since we went to the integrated Professional EHR and Professional PM solutions.”

    To learn more about Virdee Medical’s experience, read this case study or to find out more about hosted solutions, visit our website. “The efficiencies are amazing. I’ve never seen it so good in all the years we’ve been in private practice,” said Virdee. “Bottom line, Allscripts has a great product.”


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    When a hosted solution is the better option

    May 15th, 2013

    You have a passion for health care and helping others. But when you’d rather focus on your practice, sometimes you’re stuck spending time on security protocols, data recovery and server upgrades. And it’s getting even more expensive and time-consuming in today’s complex healthcare environment.

    Stephanie Bodi, Practice Manager at Huntington Urology (NY), found a better way. In 2009 her practice moved IT infrastructure management off-site to Allscripts Hosting Solution.

    A hosted solution was right for Huntington Urology for several reasons, including:

    Patients come first. The practice stays focused on patient care. Information Technology is a core competency at Allscripts; it doesn’t have to be yours.

    Time to cut costs. Good financial decisions are essential to the overall health of the practice. By using a hosted IT solution, Huntington doesn’t buy or update hardware, or maintain a server room with cooling costs. It doesn’t need to hire IT consultants for upgrades.

    Done hassling with upgrades. With a hosted solution, software updates are automatic. Huntington always has the most up-to-date version of Allscripts solutions without having to upgrade versions on site. It enables better overall system performance.

    Secure, available data is vital. Allscripts Hosting Center offers a Tier III facility with advanced 24/7 monitoring and security systems. It backs up Huntington’s information every night. With high availability (99.9% uptime), Huntington can securely access patient data via the Internet from anywhere.

    Not only was it the right decision for day-to-day operations, it proved particularly effective during times of disaster.

    Protecting data when disaster strikes

    Medical practices can’t afford to be anxious about data integrity, especially in a crisis. Huntington Urology endured two major hurricanes (Irene in 2011 and Sandy in 2012). If the practice had hosted its own solution, ensuring data security during these crises would have been challenging.

    Because of Allscripts Hosted Solution, according to Stephanie Bodi, “We didn’t have to worry about potential harm to our server and all of the patient data stored.”

    You can learn more about Huntington’s experience with Allscripts Hosted Solution in a webinar on Thursday, May 16.

    Do you use hosted solutions? Why or why not?

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