ICD-10 has arrived. Now what?

  • Jeff Goldstein, MD, MS FACHE
  • 10/06/2015

For most healthcare providers, October 1, 2015 did not signal falling leaves and cooler temperatures. They were focused on ICD-10, a reality which will significantly affect hospitals and physician practices now and well into the future. For those getting a late start At a recent assessment, I asked if the organization had educated staff, worked with vendors to verify, install and test ICD-10 upgrades, audited ICD-10 coding for accuracy, and sent test data from their billing system to their clearing house for payment testing. I also asked if there was any consideration for delegation of responsibilities to managers who would know best how to address these concerns. Unfortunately, even though the deadline was looming, each question was answered with “No.” Allscripts conducted a comprehensive onsite survey to identify key ICD-10 readiness deficiencies and, from this, developed a prioritized remediation program. […]