Physicians are busy people – every minute counts. So, when physicians participating in a pilot training program agree it is a good method for learning, it’s important to share.

Allscripts partnered with Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center (Bronx, New York, U.S.A.) in its quest to continuously improve performance through more effective training. Bronx-Lebanon was looking for the best way to train physicians and clinical staff and was especially interested about using Allscripts Experiential LearningTM.  It provided Bronx-Lebanon with high-quality training content to ensure consistency, flexible 24/7 access to the training through the Allscripts Learning Center, and robust reporting to measure both completion and competency.

Bronx-Lebanon’s new approach to training

Previously, Bronx Lebanon relied upon various methods of training providers on the use of Allscripts SunriseTM electronic health record (EHR) system. To help physicians maximize their use of the technology, Bronx-Lebanon worked with Allscripts to pilot a more structured and formal program using Experiential Learning. The pilot would help the hospital determine 1) if Experiential Learning provided enough benefit to justify an additional investment and 2) the best method for deploying simulation-based eLearning based on physician feedback.

Thirty physicians enrolled and 26 completed the program. Bronx-Lebanon offered a number of mini-learning courses to test what length of eLearning lesson worked best for physicians, then followed up with a readiness evaluation within eight hours to measure knowledge gain.

Because courses are short, Bronx-Lebanon could easily adapt the program to the busy schedules of the providers. The eLearning model enabled learners to save time, because they could take the training at their own pace in the hospital, at home or in the office.

Early results are positive

Participant survey results were positive:

Bronx-Lebanon succeeds with Allscripts Experiential Learning


Trainees also responded with qualitative feedback:

“I enjoyed the training module and recommend the learning program to all new doctors coming on board.” Senior Attending Physician, Pediatrics

“I liked the training courses and found them very useful. The topics were relevant, specifically I thought it was beneficial to have ‘individualized’ training courses.” Senior Attending Physician, Hospitalist, Family Medicine

“I have been using Allscripts Sunrise for six months in the Emergency room and find it to be very helpful to our team. The training provided me with the opportunity to learn about expanded features that the Allscripts system provides.  Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine

Physician approval leads to more standardized training efforts

Based on the success of the pilot program, Bronx-Lebanon invested in Experiential Learning and rolled out an additional training for more than 140 incoming residents. Super users are completing a program for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances, and Bronx-Lebanon has successfully rolled out the program to all physicians.

The organization plans to continue to centralize and standardize training through Experiential Learning, to help guarantee its providers and clinical staff are well equipped to meet the needs of patients. The overall goal is to consistently teach providers and staff the most efficient ways to complete their work within Allscripts Sunrise.

To learn more about Experiential Learning, visit our website.

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About the author

Dan Coughlin is an Education Services Project Manager at Allscripts. Since joining the company in 2006, he has served in a variety of roles within Allscripts Education Services, including as an Expert Trainer and Senior Training Consultant. Dan’s primary role is to work with Allscripts clients to craft effective training strategies. He has consulted on training projects with over 100 different Allscripts clients. He has also worked closely with the Allscripts Methodology teams to build integrated training plans. Dan has 15 years of experience in training and education. Prior to Allscripts he was a Center Director for a Kaplan K-12 business unit. He is passionate about helping clients create training programs that empower physicians and staff to use Allscripts products efficiently and to their fullest capability, always keeping in mind the important work they do each day taking care of patients.



Nancy Bivins says:

08/20/2015 at 1:08 pm

VERY INTERESTING statistics regarding physicians’ preferences for learning. I now have some useful data to refer to when discussing the best approaches for designing and developing physicians’ EHR training. Thanks.

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