7 keys to success with clinical decision support

I realize and admit I have biases. One bias is that I believe the principle reason for the healthcare IT industry is to optimize patient-clinician interactions to heal and keep people healthy. Another bias is that without solid financials and organizational performance, everyone ultimately loses. My third bias: I believe clinicians whom we trust with our very lives, and IT experts, are trained professionals and should be trusted to optimize electronic health records (EHRs) as a local team. EHRs should provide solid clinical decision support (CDS) to help clinicians optimize patient decisions and interactions, and help organizations exceed performance goals. CDS puts clinicians at the forefront for deciding, coding, monitoring and updating. ┬áHere are the seven most powerful CDS-focused EHR characteristics for assisting clinicians with their decisions and documentation: 1. Programmability Programmability ensures that hospitals can remain in sync with […]