ICD-10 strategies: Educate everyone, early and often

  • Jeff Goldstein, MD, MS FACHE
  • 04/29/2015

ICD-10 is the largest mandate in U.S. healthcare history, and it will require diligent, comprehensive actions to be fully prepared for the transition. This is the third post in a four-part series that explores successful strategies in key areas of ICD-10 readiness: general approach, governance, education and standardization of documentation. When Allscripts conducts an ICD-10 readiness assessment, a major area of review is to evaluate the organization’s educational programs. All too often organizations provide education for just the clinical providers (i.e., physicians, nurse practitioners and coding staff). But in fact, ICD-10 education should extend across the entire organization, be it a hospital, office practice, home health agency or any entity involved in direct patient care. ICD-10 training for clinical staff has slowed to a halt With the one-year delay in ICD-10 implementation, nearly every organization I have been working with […]