ICD-10 strategies: Lead a successful change with strong governance

  • Jeff Goldstein, MD, MS FACHE
  • 04/21/2015

ICD-10 is the largest mandate in U.S. healthcare history, and it will require diligent, comprehensive actions to be fully prepared for the transition. This is the second post in a four-part series that explores successful strategies in key areas of ICD-10 readiness: general approach, governance, education and standardization of documentation. For a project as vast and complex as ICD-10, a successful organization needs a strong governance structure assigned specifically to this endeavor. Setting up the governance structure Leadership needs to define the operational structure required for ICD-10 readiness. It’s essential to have an ICD-10 executive sponsor and an ICD-10 “Czar” responsible for maintaining the project on a steady and consistent path. Once leadership designates these roles, they need to communicate them throughout the organization. The next step is to establish an operational committee with representation from the key areas affected […]