The verdict is clear: Interoperability progress has been disappointing. Almost without exception, healthcare experts agree that the industry has fallen far short in its efforts to foster meaningful reform. Consider these assessments in recent articles: “We’ve spent half a million dollars on an electronic health record system about three years ago, and I’m faxing all day long. I can’t send anything electronically over it,” said Dr. William L. Rich III, a member of a nine-person ophthalmology practice in Northern Virginia. New York Times “While most providers have installed some kind of electronic record system, two recent studies have found that fewer than half of the nation’s hospitals can transmit a patient care document, while only 14 percent of physicians can exchange patient data with outside hospitals or other providers.” New York Times In its annual report to Congress, Office of […]


What’s your Innovation Surface?

Every healthcare IT company wants to be Open, so every company comes up with a convenient, somewhat self-serving definition of it. As technologies change, the definition of Open also evolves over time. We all need a simple concept we can use to objectively measure how Open a product really is. I’ll start by proposing some new language: Innovation Surface. In the security and vulnerability space, we talk about “Attack Surface” – that’s “What are the ways hackers can attack you?” You want your Attack Surface to be as small as possible. Don’t expose anything you don’t have to. It’s time to coin the phrase “Innovation Surface” – that’s “How many different kinds of technologies are available to a developer?” You want your Innovation Surface to be as BIG as possible, with multiple tools to enable creativity. How big is the […]


How versatility of Sunrise meets post-acute care needs

  • Diane Gilbert Bradley, MD
  • 10/23/2014

Leading hospitals around the world select Sunrise by AllscriptsTM for its versatility. To learn more about how the solution meets post-acute care needs, we recently sat down with Roberta Steinhauser, director of hospital applications for Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital (Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S.A.). Here are highlights from that interview: Q. Why did you select Sunrise solutions in 2008? Madonna is unique in that under one roof we have long-term acute care, acute rehabilitation care, transitional care, and nursing home beds – making sure patients have the right type of care to achieve their rehabilitation goals. Madonna’s goal was to find an EMR [electronic medical record] system that had the versatility to meet the needs of all types of post-acute care. We knew that there were no “plug and play” systems out there for our type of organization. We saw the flexibility we […]

It’s great to have CHADIS as part of the Allscripts Developer Program, so pediatricians using Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR can access information and insights provided by the CHADIS pre-screening tools and assessments. Experts agree, this is the type of solution that offers us a glimpse of the future of health care: “CHADIS is the best example of what the future of pediatrics should look like.” Dr. Neal Halfon, Professor, UCLA* CHADIS couples early detection with a holistic view of the patients — including physical condition and mental state. Using efficient tools helps pediatricians offer additional resources and engage collaboratively with patients and family members. How CHADIS works CHADIS, which stands for Child Health and Development Interactive System, gives clinicians evidence-based screening tools to help meet American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures and Medicaid guidelines. Allscripts has certified CHADIS to deliver screening […]

Has your electronic health record (EHR) met your expectations? If you answered “no,” you are not alone. A recent IDC Health Insights survey found 58% of ambulatory users are very dissatisfied, dissatisfied or neutral about their experience with EHRs. The key is selecting a strong EHR solution that’s right for your practice. Here’s a checklist of 12 questions to help determine if it’s the right EHR for you: 1. Is the solution the right one for your practice size? Also consider if the solution will fit your needs in the future. For example, if your practice is expanding, you need a solution that can grow with you. 2. Is the solution certified and ready for regulatory requirements, such as Meaningful Use and ICD-10? Once again, look to the future. Will the solution keep evolving to meet ever-changing regulatory requirements? 3. […]


3 steps to managing wait times for emergency care

  • Jennifer MacGregor
  • 10/14/2014

Emergency Departments (EDs) do their best to minimize wait times, and technology is increasingly becoming part of that effort. At our annual user conference, Allscripts Client Experience (ACE), the team from Alberta Health Services talked with us about how the organization uses data to manage EDs efficiently. Alberta Health Services (AHS) Calgary Zone provides 480,000 visits each year through its EDs, which include four adult sites, one pediatric site and two urban urgent care centers, all using SunriseTM Acute Care and SunriseTM Emergency Care. The Alberta government sets targets to ensure the quality of emergency care. For example, patients must be seen by an MD within one hour of triage, discharged with four hours and/or admitted within eight hours. A new guideline requires all patients to be seen within an hour of arriving at the ED. To meet government targets and […]


What FQHCs are looking for in an EHR

A strong electronic health record (EHR) core is important in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. It’s especially critical for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), which provide “safety net” health care in underserved communities. The United States has more than 1,000 FQHCs operating in 6,000 locations. These are community health centers and programs serving uninsured or underinsured populations such as migrant workers, public housing residents and the homeless. They helped an estimated 20 million patients in 2010. FQHCs must make the most of every investment – including health IT – to serve their communities. We recently interviewed team members from Delaware Health Net (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.), a network of 11 FQHCs, about the network’s healthy EHR core. Using Allscripts solutions, member FQHCs have improved clinical results, met Meaningful Use and earned an estimated $6.3 million in incentive funding. You can see highlights […]

As health care moves away from fee-for-service to value-based care models, hospitals need better tools to compete. We recently published two eBooks, one about the key trends defining a new healthcare marketplace and one about the importance of critical analytics. You may be asking yourself: Does my hospital have the financial analytics capabilities to succeed? Take this quiz and see. 1. The CMIO asks for a cost report on readmissions, organized by diagnosis and physician. Can you give it to her? 2. You suspect one physician is underperforming on profitability. Can you compare his performance with others in his peer group and drill into the data to determine clinical or operational improvements to course correct? 3. Before ordering a knee replacement device, a physician asks if you have any comparative cost to outcomes data to help negotiate with the vendor. […]

It’s important when healthcare organizations buy a new electronic patient record (EPR)* to truly verify that it made a difference for clinicians, the patients they serve, and the organizations themselves. Many look at the impact of Health IT acquisitions using only financial measures, while a few remain purely focused on clinical outcomes. However most recognize the best way to measure the impact of EPR implementations should include clinical measures along with financial. The best is a balance. A lot of attention has recently been directed toward quantifying the early impacts of EPR acquisitions to ensure they were not just expenses, but genuinely good investments. An example of that perspective applies to recent implementations in the United Kingdom. Our clients there use SunriseTM by Allscripts. Examples: Length of stay and prescription turnaround times One of many statistically proven clinically and financially […]