The Do’s and Don’ts of clinical IT system deployment

  • Jennifer MacGregor
  • 09/16/2014

Alberta Health Services (AHS) serves nearly four million residents of Alberta and surrounding Canadian provinces. AHS Calgary Zone uses Sunrise by Allscripts™ to improve clinical and financial results in a number of ways (read more about AHS outcomes in a new case study, which you can download for free here.) Along the way, AHS learned some valuable lessons about how to succeed with clinical IT system deployments. Here are some of the keys to success: DON’T… Let IT make decisions without clinician input Let vendors draft the strategy and tell you what it costs Under-resource content build, system design, training and support just to save money Chase unrealistic timelines Expect clinicians to automatically accommodate all new technology DO… Engage leadership in all levels of implementation decisions Keep your organizational commitment and focus Make the deployment the highest priority Align clinical […]