U.S. healthcare providers need to collect every dollar owed to them. As their reimbursement models rapidly evolve, you may be asking, “Is it time to replace our revenue cycle management (RCM) solution?” Experts estimate that if U.S. hospitals do nothing to address the swiftly changing financial environment, they could see a 19% drop in margins over the next 10 years. Based in part on the HIMSS AnalyticsTM index and other observations, we developed a checklist of the core components of a healthy financial system. If your RCM solution can’t do these things, it may be time for a change: 1. Offer web services to patients for convenience – Can your patients pre-register, self-schedule and pay bills online? These online conveniences are becoming more important to consumers and help speed the billing process. 2. Verify insurance eligibility in real-time to reduce risk […]