With the rise of wireless health monitoring devices, people are collecting more data about themselves than ever before. When this information feeds the electronic health record (EHR), the results can be pretty powerful. We’re helping connect this data through our newest solution, FollowMyHealthTM Achieve. It provides opportunities for patients and caregivers to work together to set goals, mark progress and achieve better health. How FollowMyHealth Achieve works We designed Achieve to help manage health for all patients, particularly those with high-risk, high-cost chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Here’s an overview: 1. Caregiver enters orders into Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR, with rules that trigger alerts. For example, a physician may require a patient to weigh herself every day. Patient-specific rules define expectations for frequency (e.g., daily), and a target for maintaining, gaining or losing weight within […]


Staying on course with Windows 8

Navigating the choppy seas of health care is not for the faint of heart. A patient’s care can only stay on course if the captain and crew have reliable instruments. Electronic health records (EHRs) are at the helm of healthcare delivery. EHRs pull together data to help doctors see trends sooner. To help patients avoid the rocks ahead. One of the instruments that is growing in popularity today is Microsoft Windows 8. It’s hard to buy a new (non-Apple) laptop without it. This operating system offers some distinct benefits for healthcare enterprises. Smoother sailing with easy-to-deploy technology Windows 8 enables enterprises to use the same management tools they have in place today. Why does that matter? Think about a simple update to software. There’s the client side, and then there’s the server side. Both sides have to be in sync […]


4 heart-warming cardiology outcomes

February is national heart month in many countries, which is a perfect time to thank cardiac care givers. Sure, candy and flowers are nice for Valentine’s Day. But we’d rather pay tribute with something nearer and dearer to many of us: better healthcare results. Check out these stories about how cardiac caregivers have used Allscripts solutions to improve results: 1. There’s hope for the brokenhearted. Alamance Regional Medical Center (Burlington, N.C., USA) established the goal of providing perfect care to its acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients. SunriseTM provides reminders and reports to help ensure high standards throughout the course of treatment. It helped improve AMI quality scores by 12.54% and the unadjusted mortality rate by 38%. 2. Long-distance relationships are easier with technology. More than 120,000 patients rely on New Mexico Heart Institute (NMHI) (Albuquerque, N.M., USA). With some offices […]

We’re heading to Orlando for HIMSS 2014 soon to connect with clients, partners and friends across the healthcare IT industry. Here’s what you can expect to find from Allscripts at the show (Booth #3944): 1.       The Power of Innovation: Get the full story on population health. What a difference a year makes. At HIMSS 2013, we announced two strategic acquisitions when FollowMyHealthTM and dbMotion joined the Allscripts family. This year, we’re pleased to have clients share how they’ve integrated these new population health solutions to more effectively manage and treat patient populations, including South Nassau Communities Hospital. You can also hear from Allscripts dbMotion client University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in two presentations: Ranga Chandra will talk about interoperability across payer-provider networks, and Dr. Rasu Shrestha will describe the foundation for Accountable Care.  2.       The Power of Collaboration: Check out new […]


Building a more global acute solution

Allscripts released an updated version of our acute Electronic Health Record (EHR)*, Sunrise™ Version 14.1 this week. We made a lot of enhancements, especially to the ambulatory and emergency department pieces. As Allscripts grows to meet the needs of the global healthcare market, people have asked me: What does Sunrise 14.1 do for clients outside the United States? It will bring new benefits to all of our clients – no matter where in the world they are. Clinical needs are more similar than different On the clinical side of Sunrise 14.1, we put a lot of effort into the ambulatory and emergency department capabilities. We relied heavily on client clinical advisory groups to shape these enhancements. This release reflects an open development process, with more regular input from end users. We specifically sought input from clients both inside and outside […]

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) in New Brunswick, NJ, has an integrated view of its finances and operations with Allscripts EPSiTM. The organization recovered $4.5 million in underpayments its first two years of using EPSi’s Product Line Analysis Contract Modeling tool. You can read more in a recent case study. Prior to implementing the Allscripts EPSi modules Cost Manager, Product Line Analyst and Enterprise Management Dashboard in September 2011, RWJUH had limited financial and patient data reporting capabilities. Before EPSi “There was always a level of skepticism with our reports back then,” said RWJUH senior financial analyst, Michael Piagentini. “Is that the true fully-loaded cost for that service? It was hard to know for sure.” This uncertainty was particularly difficult when RWJUH negotiated contacts with payers. Contract modeling saves the day at the negotiating table Contract negotiations between healthcare […]