For the past 29 years, Calvin L. Dixon, M.D. and his wife, Daisy Dixon, have managed a busy pulmonology practice in Duncanville, Texas. They help patients ages 4 to 94 with lung diseases, such as asthma, pneumonia and emphysema.

Earlier this year, the practice made the transition from Allscripts MyWayTM to Allscripts Professional EHRTM. This practice is one of 1,400 organizations making the switch as part of an initiative Allscripts announced  last fall, to meet the needs of an evolving healthcare industry.

We received a thank-you letter from practice manager, Daisy Dixon. She recently spoke with us about her experience, which included 10 reasons she’s glad the practice migrated:

  1. Able to keep 95% of the workflow the same. Dixon took many opportunities to learn about the system to adopt Pro to her practice’s workflows. She attended weekend trainings and started the simulation training in February. By the time data migrated on March 24 and the practice went live on June 24, Dixon was able to adopt nearly every workflow to her practice’s needs.
  2. Data migrated accurately. Dixon admits she was concerned about how well the data would migrate from one system to the other. However she was pleased to note that, “The data was accurate and we found very few errors.”
  3. More detail appears on reports. Staff finds it helpful that the reports contain more details, including the patient’s insurance information. Also according to Dixon, patients appreciate new details, such as the next appointment date, that appear on clinical summaries.
  4. Easier to reprint statements. Dixon found this process to be simple in Pro.
  5. New reports to track claims. Now, Dixon can obtain detailed services and procedure reports and see if claims have been paid partially or completely.
  6. Patients can do more online. Patients have reacted positively to the new online options, such as paying bills or viewing lab results.
  7. More thorough claim validation process.  “To process a claim, I have to click a few more buttons in Pro,” Dixon said. “But by the end I know that claim is clean, and it is going to get paid.”
  8. Potential to see more new patients. As the team learns to use the system more efficiently, Dixon expects they will be able to see more patients.
  9. Practice drew strength from solid support. “The support team was fantastic and helped with a seamless transition,” said Dixon. “To know that we could call in to a live support option the first week was so comforting.”
  10. Continuous learning options. Dixon intends to continue to attend trainings to help with ongoing goals, including preparing for Meaningful Use Stage 2. “Allscripts support team always goes the second mile,” she said. “They answer my questions and then explain other helpful tips related to my questions. I learn so much about the system that way.”

Adjusting to the wider variety of options available in Pro has taken some time, but Dixon said the benefits make it all worthwhile. When giving advice to practices considering the transition, Dixon laid out three key steps:

  • Step One – Preparation. “Use ClientConnect. It has such wonderful articles, webinars and live demonstrations. If you know what you’re getting into, it makes the whole process easier.”
  • Step Two – Activation. “Definitely use the simulation training and weekend trainings.  They will cover things specific to your practice.”
  • Step Three – Customization. “We customized everything according to our own workflow. That is what made our transition easier.”

Thanks to the Dixons for sharing their experience with the Connected Community of Health. For other examples of successful migrations, visit ClientConnect, or read a recent blog post: Compass Pediatrics masters migration from Allscripts MyWay to Allscripts Pro EHR. If you would like more information about the upgrade, please contact

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About the author

Libby Moore is a healthcare IT executive with more than 25 years of industry insights and experience in developing winning strategies, driving business results, and focusing on client satisfaction. She began her healthcare career in finance and eventually transitioned to defining, developing, and delivering solutions that span the healthcare IT arena. She is passionate about building extraordinary client relationships and leading healthcare transformation. Libby first joined Allscripts in 1995 and has served in senior leadership roles that included Product Management, Product Development, Professional Services, Client Support, and Operations. Leveraging her vast industry experiences, Libby assumed her current role as Vice President of Physician Practice Solutions in 2012. She now devotes her time to defining and delivering comprehensive portfolio offerings to physician practices, value-based care (VBC) organizations, and accountable care (ACO) groups.

3 COMMENTS on 10 reasons a single-doctor practice is happy with upgrade from MyWay to Pro


William Rosenblatt MD says:

08/28/2013 at 12:42 pm

This article looks like the usual propaganda from Allscripts. We loved MyWay — I hate Pro. It is so much more difficult for a single physician. MyWay was a piece of cake. Pro is a chore. The staements it prints are aweful, support is annoying. Messages just went in easily — here you have to hunt and peck to find them. Every thing is a call to support — who sometimes return call . My trainer in MyWay was easily available for weeks after by a simple email message and she called back. Now it is like pulling teeth to get help. Setting up the printers and scanners was a chore.

What a worthless annoying program.

    Libby Moore says:

    09/05/2013 at 9:28 am

    Thank you for your feedback. We have many single-physician practices successfully using ProEHR so we’d like to better understand the specific challenges you are having. I’ve asked our Services group to reach out to you directly.


Stacey Johnson,MD says:

10/01/2014 at 7:42 pm

My 8 provider pediatric practice recently upgraded from Allscripts to Allscripts Pro. The majority of our providers have become very efficient with using Allscripts with an Ipad. The salesrep from Allscripts provided a physician champion to show how efficiently she uses Allscripts pro with an ipad. After multiple discussions with the Allscripts reprsentative specifically discussing the use of Ipads and after out IT expert was assured by Allscripts that our system would be compatible with Ipads, we migrated to the Allscripts Cloud and discovered that we cannot use our iipads. . Although Allscripts has responded to our questions quickly, their response has been basically “sorry, can’t help you, not in the contract”. My overall opinion is that Allscripts is an efficient EHR and would fulfill our needs if we could use ipads. Do you have any suggestions or can you offer any help in this matter? Your consideration is very much appreciated.


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