Open is the new black

So I had this crazy idea – what would happen if software designers became fashion designers? Imagine IT folks deciding what would be “in” this season. For shoes, dresses and maybe even hairstyles. I laugh when I think about trying to get my wife to wear such things. Fortunately we don’t all have to be fashion moguls to create and inspire. We apply our expertise to set the latest trends in IT solutions, solving some of the world’s most complex healthcare problems. But we can only do that with an Open approach, which is the only way to foster true innovation. In healthcare IT, Open is the new black. Open can provide real, measurable advantages For real change to happen, the industry needs to see real advantage – clinical, financial or both. We need tools that give caregivers a higher […]

On Wednesday we officially opened our annual client conference, ACE 13. There are about 3,000 Allscripts clients gathered in Chicago to exchange best practices through more than 400 educational sessions, user group meetings and special events. It’s my first ACE, and it’s off to a great start. People are excited to connect, collaborate and share ideas. In the opening session, I talked about what Allscripts and our clients are doing to lead the transformation in healthcare IT. Client insights have helped create our vision. Sharing our roadmap for the healthcare IT journey I’ve been talking with hundreds of clients in my first eight months as CEO. These conversations are shaping our path to better health care for all. Attesting to Meaningful Use – For many of us, the journey began with government incentives, such as ARRA and Meaningful Use. Looking […]

Allscripts Open App Challenge reflects our commitment to innovation and belief that Open matters to the future of health care.  By sharing our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) with developers, we invite others to work alongside us to make better tools to help deliver better care. Simply put, healthcare IT is a team sport. (Click here to tweet this idea.) We must “play well” together to solve the challenges in our industry today. No single company or developer will have the all the expertise our diverse field requires. In March we announced the 15 companies receiving awards for Phase 1 of the Open App Challenge. Since then, we’ve been working on Phase 2, which focused on exceptional outcomes. Developers showed how their new apps helped our clients and the judging criteria weighed the outcomes and client feedback from the beta sites using […]

An Open platform enables Allscripts to offer more innovation than we could possibly build on our own.  It’s essential to support our clients as the industry rapidly transforms to value-based care models. Today we launched a new site that reflects our commitment to Open, the Allscripts Application Store. It is a public site that showcases the applications built by our Allscripts Developer Program partners, and it is now available at http://store.allscripts.com. What you’ll find at the Allscripts Application Store Through this site we can connect clients instantly with the approved, third-party apps that will help enhance their core clinical applications. For example if you need health calculators integrated with Allscripts Enterprise EHR, such as eCalcs by Galen Healthcare or patient engagement solutions from Krames Staywell you’ll find it here. With more than 27 approved apps and counting, there is a […]

For the past 29 years, Calvin L. Dixon, M.D. and his wife, Daisy Dixon, have managed a busy pulmonology practice in Duncanville, Texas. They help patients ages 4 to 94 with lung diseases, such as asthma, pneumonia and emphysema. Earlier this year, the practice made the transition from Allscripts MyWayTM to Allscripts Professional EHRTM. This practice is one of 1,400 organizations making the switch as part of an initiative Allscripts announced  last fall, to meet the needs of an evolving healthcare industry. We received a thank-you letter from practice manager, Daisy Dixon. She recently spoke with us about her experience, which included 10 reasons she’s glad the practice migrated: Able to keep 95% of the workflow the same. Dixon took many opportunities to learn about the system to adopt Pro to her practice’s workflows. She attended weekend trainings and started […]


Why did you choose health care?

As we prepare for our annual client conference, ACE13, I’ve been on the road to meet with clients. A small team of us are gathering stories about how they are transforming health care. We can’t wait to share them. Our clients are accomplishing amazing things. We will share examples about how they are leading population health management, becoming successful Accountable Care Organizations and more. The personal side of a professional journey But there is one interview question that we asked clients to answer on a more personal level: Why did you choose health care? I loved hearing the answers to these questions. They were human and inspiring.  I share just a few of them here: “I had some upbringing in India and East Africa, where I could see the disparities in healthcare being received by patients. At that point in […]