Patients shouldn’t have to wait for a bed

Mastering the patient flow of an Emergency Department starts with the inpatient units. For many hospitals the biggest opportunity for improvement is to eliminate “cold beds.”  These are empty, dirty beds, just waiting to be cleaned. People often blame poor, inefficient housekeeping processes, but that is almost never the issue. The real culprit is frequently poor communication.  Housekeeping needs to find out about a vacated bed when the patient really leaves – not hours later. That’s where software, such as Allscripts Patient FlowTM, can help. Automated communications can help optimize patient flow, balance workloads and gather data. In addition, it can improve patient and staff safety by providing real-time visual cues and alerts that relay isolation precautions, patient needs and bed condition. Using technology to improve bed turnover time The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX) treats […]