Dr. Azar Korbey, founder of the New Hampshire-based family practice All Care Medical, is a technology trailblazer. He even programmed a patient-friendly website for his own practice. All Care Medical is home to six clinicians and a wide range of services under one roof, including an onsite lab and pharmacy. We’ve worked with Dr. Korbey many times to apply technology that helps improve patient care and efficiency for his office. One process that requires special attention is prescribing controlled substances. Prescribing controlled substances requires a lot of care and time Across the industry about 11% of U.S. prescriptions are for controlled substances, medications often used to manage pain or anxiety. To prescribe them, doctors must adhere to U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency guidelines. Some states are developing even tighter controls (e.g., I-STOP in New York). The processes help ensure safety, but […]