A sneak peek at ACE 2013 education session planning

  • Bonnie Bordeaux
  • 03/26/2013

Our annual conference, Allscripts Client Experience (ACE), will be here before we know it. We look forward to it as part of our commitment to an Open, Connected Community of Health TM. The conference is well-rated. According to last year’s survey of attendees, 90% gave ACE an overall rating of good, very good or excellent. And 89% would recommend ACE to a friend. Feedback on education sessions Clients especially value opportunities to learn at ACE from Allscripts and – even more so – from each other.  According to the survey, 85% rated the quality of education sessions as good, very good or excellent. And 91% report they will be able to apply knowledge learned at ACE to their jobs. Here are a few qualitative remarks* about the educational opportunities: Good mix of sessions for different roles (clinician, IT) – but […]


Learning resilience from other industries

Last week the Advisory Board Company held its second colloquium for Fellows in Washington D.C. with the topic being ‘The Health Care Ecosystem’. As just one of two vendor participants asked to join this fellowship with distinguished healthcare provider leaders, I was interested to hear the challenges and opportunities facing these organizations first hand. A central theme last week was the concept of developing resilience for healthcare systems. The framework suggests resilience increases when healthcare systems can simultaneously exert control and adapt to external forces of public policy, economics, demographics and technology. One of the directors for the Advisory Board summed it up by saying “Our aspiration for you is to be leaders that can see up and around the bend.” What happens when industries are not resilient To illustrate the importance of this concept the Fellowship reviewed the Harvard […]


New Note reflects user-centered design

We are working to improve our clinical documentation tool, Note. Caregivers use it to record encounters with patients, so it’s important that the tool is efficient and effective. There’s always room for improvement. We’re paying close attention to how clinicians currently use and want to use the tool to help shape the next version, following a user-centered design (UCD) process. The rise of user-centered design in Health IT It has been around a while, but UCD has received more attention lately in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) industry. Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires suppliers to follow a UCD process to develop certain types of products. UCD encourages engaging with users early and often. It emphasizes understanding their goals, requirements, context of use, and evaluating designs with users throughout development. UCD can help lead to better efficiency, safety and overall satisfaction. […]

To control costs and improve results, many medical groups are evaluating a new generation of outsourced revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. But wading through RCM solution options can be confusing. One obvious measure is the price of the solution. It’s important to evaluate the total cost of ownership to help make the right decision for your practice. Considerations should include the answers to these questions: 1. Will the solution save staff time by automating time-consuming tasks with easy-to-learn software? 2. Will the solution’s analytics give you insights to help you proactively manage the revenue cycle, provider productivity and benchmark performance? 3. If you decide to make a change in the future, is the solution portable? Or will you need to start a new solution from scratch? 4. Will your staff continue to perform certain tasks internally, or will your partner? […]

Last week, five health IT vendors came together to announce the CommonWell Health Alliance, a nonprofit focused on developing a national secure network and standards that will: 1. Unambiguously identify patients 2. Provide a national, secure record locator service. For treatment purposes, providers can know where a patient’s records are located. 3. Enable peer-to-peer sharing of patient records requested via a targeted (or directed) query 4. Enable patients and consumers to withhold consent / authorization for participation in the network Unambiguous patient identity matters In banking, without certainty about identity, ATM machines would not give out cash.  And in healthcare without certainty about identity, physicians are working with one hand tied behind their backs. This problem will never be solved by the Feds. In fact, Congress has restricted any spending on it by the government at all.  Industry working together […]

In a fee-for-service world, the emergency department (ED) brings value to hospitals and their communities in a couple of different ways. First, they provide a rapid response to urgent needs. They are skilled in trauma, triage and rapid diagnostics to get really sick and injured people the right care, right away. Second, EDs are the welcome mat for inpatient care. Hospitals get value from the volume that comes to them through the ED – both medical and especially surgical admissions, which typically have higher margins. What will happen to EDs when fee-for-value takes hold, when hospitals will not necessarily derive value from more volume? To answer that question, we must understand what is valued in a fee-for-value world. The rising value may be in its ability to keep patients from being admitted and to reconnect them with their accountable care […]


Top 5 Headlines from HIMSS 2013

  • Stephanie Kowalski
  • 03/07/2013

  We always share news from the HIMSS annual conference, but this year was one for big announcements. Here’s what we did at the show to further our vision of a Connected Community of HealthTM: 1. Grew the Allscripts family with two strategic acquisitions Welcome to the family, dbMotion and Jardogs.  These two leading healthcare technology companies will help provide solutions that enable our clients to address some of their biggest challenges: population health management, interoperability and consumer engagement. Reaction to these acquisitions from investors, clients and media has been overwhelmingly positive. One analyst remarked that acquiring two familiar assets will help Allscripts, with dbMotion’s installed base in particular already executing on our connected community strategy. 2. Co-Founded an industry partnership We’re a founding member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, a not-for-profit that supports universal access to healthcare data. It’s an association […]

Medicare’s current state is not sustainable, and we must address it to help revive the larger U.S. fiscal environment.  The good news is that we have an unusual opportunity to act at a lower price to the nation since the Congressional Budget Office recently announced the “bargain price” of only $138 billion to repeal the Sustainable Growth Rate.  This has certainly spurred a lot of activity on Capitol Hill related to Medicare reform – three hearings last week alone. Healthcare policies are stuck in the past Almost one in three Medicare beneficiaries today is covered by a fee-for-service (FFS) plan that has not changed since the late 1950s – the days when beehive hairdos were all the rage and people couldn’t get enough TV dinners. Another vestige that has not kept pace with healthcare today?  The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR), […]