I’m a big fan of Clayton Christensen. In fact, I just got done reading his latest book, How Will You Measure Your Life. I’m concerned, however, with how people might interpret his  opinion piece about Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), recently published in The Wall Street Journal. Some might read it and think that ACOs are a complete waste or because success isn’t guaranteed, the new approach isn’t worth trying. Some ACOs will fail, some will succeed I agree with a lot of the challenges that Christensen points out. However, Pioneer ACOs were launched with the intent that they would start from a more advanced position than other providers and teach the industry what works and what doesn’t in moving to the next phase of technology application – not that they would all be 100% successful. The CMS Medicare Shared Saving […]


Open Reveals its True Value

For years, we’ve talked about the value of Open as an approach. A culture. A capability. It’s all very abstract. So how do we know it’s working? Judging by the response to Allscripts Open App Challenge — Open is working. Developers are on a mission to improve healthcare. Innovators are solving problems in different areas, such as: Clinical insights, creating clinical alerts Data mining, data analysis Patient connections – not just portals, but helping to build an even closer relationship between physician and patient And of course connecting patient home devices to the physicians clinical systems We’ll introduce Phase 1 award recipients, selected by our esteemed panel of judges, at HIMSS 2013. These are crisp examples of the power of Open. Sharing our Application Programming Interface (API) with others has sparked creative solutions to the industry’s most pressing problems. That’s […]

Developers showed they are eager to “Start a Revolution” by designing and integrating applications to extend Allscripts Open Electronic Health Records software.  We have 217 companies and teams registered to participate.  At the close of the Allscripts Open App Challenge Phase 1, 98 of those registered submitted their ideas and integration for judging. The early concepts are incredible and include tools to improve diabetes management, patient scheduling and end-of-life planning. Some apps help make safety net facility information more accessible and others help providers manage sample medications. They all have a mission to improve healthcare. Our judges now have the daunting task of reviewing the submissions and selecting 15 Phase 1 winners, to be announced at the HIMSS13 annual conference, on March 4, 2013 at 3 p.m. Central time at the Allscripts booth. Judges are looking for apps that either […]

As I shared in my post What’s Motivating Healthcare Innovators?, I’m encouraged by my conversations with Allscripts Open App Challenge developers. Solving healthcare problems is not about financial gain for them; it’s a mission to help others. It’s about transforming healthcare. To make this happen, all of healthcare IT has to work together – and so do our solutions.  Interoperability is key to unlocking the potential that technology has to offer. The Open App Challenge holds promise beyond any one vendor or company.  By fostering innovation and collaboration, we have a much better chance to solve problems we once thought were unsolvable. Phase One of the challenge is underway. We’ll likely have far more high-quality applications than we can recognize. I wish I were one of the judges that will review fascinating ideas from inspiring innovators.   Consider Dr. Phillip […]

This past year, I completed a tour of duty with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).   I served as coordinator for standards related to Consolidated CDA, quality measures (HQMF) and results reporting (QRDA) that are now part of Meaningful Use Stage 2.  These standards, along with Direct Project and standardized vocabularies, will contribute to Health Information Exchange that works. I’m proud of the ONC and the community that delivered these standards.  It’s a breakthrough with significant benefit to the United States.  But it’s also only a start. The need for better Health IT solutions hits home Three days after completing my work with ONC, my wife Julie found out she had breast cancer.  We have spent every day since in the struggle for her health and survival.  We had the usual frustrations with coordinating her […]

Healthcare providers strive for excellence across many areas of their organizations. We all benefit when we celebrate and share our successes with each other. To that end, we’re inviting Allscripts clients to nominate their best results for an Outcomes Excellence Award or Community Stakeholder Excellence Award. Our large community of clients are celebrating achievements every day. Providers within this community are also always searching for proven best practices to achieve even more positive outcomes. The more we share with each other, the more we can improve healthcare overall. Through the Client Awards program, Allscripts encourages an OPEN discussion around excellence in the Allscripts community. This program will highlight our clients who are achieving world-class outcomes, which in turn will spread the knowledge of best practices across our client base, and aid in the advancement of the healthcare overall. It also […]

Last week I went to IHE North American (NA) Connectathon, the health IT industry’s largest face-to-face testing event. We used real-world data in real-time to test national and international interoperability standards. It takes countless hours of preparation just to get to the Connectathon. We completed the typical product development and quality cycles, plus hours of testing beforehand, just to qualify for participation in the event. During the Connectathon we spend long hours testing interoperability between different vendor systems.  Day 1 is always interesting as networks and configurations are not always as expected. Flexibility and patience were watch words for the day. Day 2 showed great progress, as always happens with Day 2, as all vendors seemed to have settled their network and configuration issues. Day 3 saw all vendors making great progress, and actually completing tests for verification faster than […]