EDITOR’S NOTE: On September 28-29, Allscripts hosted a Health 2.0 Codeathan in our Chicago headquarters, challenging developers to connect their applications to Allscripts EHR. Brock Heinz of Spaulding Clinical connected his cloud-based EKG system to the UAI and saved EKG documents into a patient’s records in only 2.5 hours. Here’s Brock’s take on why open architectures are so important for healthcare IT.   By Brock Heinz, Spaulding Clinical As a society, we face unprecedented challenges to provide quality care for our loved ones.  With massive challenges comes massive opportunity and energy for innovation. Traditionally, innovation has been stifled in the health care arena because of the barrier of entry.  Data is tightly guarded within the walls of the hospital, and EHR vendors give the impression they are the only ones who should be able to provide the solutions: “it’s my ball […]