Evolving Industry, Evolving EHRs

Allscripts has been delivering Electronic Health Records (EHRs) since long before government incentives, value-based care and community exchanges. Now that the industry is evolving, so must we. Otherwise, we won’t continue to meet the needs of our clients. So we’re taking action to provide solutions that we believe will help our clients to succeed in this ever-changing industry. Allscripts is offering a free upgrade program to migrate all MyWay clients to a new converged platform that leverages the Professional Suite. This enhanced platform provides tools that can help providers deliver better patient outcomes, help enable our clients to be community-ready as well as ICD10 compliant and also include plans for MU2 certification. These free upgrades will enable us to deliver a converged clinical platform that we believe delivers the best of both solutions. And, by focusing our investment on a […]