Mike James, the CEO of 400-physician Genesys PHO in Flint, Mich., has some words of wisdom for organizations considering going down the ACO road. In “Navigating the Road Ahead: Lessons from a Pioneer ACO,” published yesterday by HFM, James shares his experience as the leader of a group that’s been taking on full-risk contracts since 1994. (Genesys is the physician arm of Genesys Healthcare, an Ascension-owned integrated delivery network that is one of the original 32 CMS Pioneer ACOs). James’ advice boils down to this: Successful ACOs will invest physicians with decision power and focus on strengthening the physician-patient relationship, restoring patients’ trust in physicians, and allocating the right human resources to the effort. Organizations that are considering an ACO strategy should evaluate the risk structures of their proposed contracts and their provider groups’ willingness to accept the contractual level of risk. […]