No matter where the Supreme Court lands on the Obama Administration’s health insurance mandate, there’s no question that the transformation underway in healthcare today will continue. One of the most striking changes in the last few years – consolidation and transformation within the hospital market – is the subject of a recent study by Moody’s Investors Service. As reported by the New York Times’ Reed Abelson, Moody’s says the arrival of value-based reimbursement will accelerate techtonic shifts already underway in the hospital market. Big hospital groups are getting even bigger as smaller, stand-alone hospitals and groups seek financially strong partners. Along the way, some hospitals are joining forces with former adversaries, health insurers and for-profit companies. Abelson calls out two notable examples of these trends: North Shore-LIJ health system in New York, and Pittsburg-based West Penn Alleghany Health System.   Both […]