Call me crazy … A Stage 2 Perspective

When I tell people that part of my job is to read regulations that were written by the government, the reactions I get vary from blank looks to sympathy to “better you than me.”  And when I tell them that I actually enjoy that part of my responsibilities, most think I’m joking.  The truth is, I love the process of healthcare regulatory promulgation.  As all of us who waited anxiously for the Meaningful Use Stage 2 NPRM can attest (pun intended), there is an awful lot of conversation that takes place as regulations are written. I find the back-and-forth invigorating.  Before a regulation is written, there are numerous Federal Advisory Committee (FACA) meetings to listen to, carefully scripted presentations by ONC and CMS, and private meetings requested by various stakeholders and industry associations.  It’s really a constant opportunity to learn […]